Laser Genetics ND-3-Bow Subzero Green Laser Designator with Bow/Scope Mount

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The ND-3-Bow Subzero Laser Designator with Bow/Scope Mount from Laser Genetics is a long-range laser illuminator designed for cold weather operation by law enforcement personnel. This illumination device comes with a bow mount and scope mount for 1" optics, both featuring 4-hole mounting rings and adjustable windage and elevation. An included remote pressure activation switch connects to the battery compartment and provides fingertip laser activation from the firing position. Laser Genetics engineered this configuration of the ND-3 Subzero to maintain zero and deliver weather-resistant performance even after being subjected to recoil forces, making it dependable enough for almost any hunt.

Key Features
  • Bow Mount / 1" Scope Mount
  • 18mW 532nm Laser Output
  • Rotary Optical Beam Collimator
  • Fully Multicoated Lens System
  • O-ring seals keep out water dust and dirt
  • Nitrogen charged to prevent lens from fogging
  • Adjustable Beam (Rotary Optical Beam Collimator) - Allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity

Package Contents:

  • Laser Genetics ND-3 Water-resistant Laser Designator Tactical Sight
  • Momentary Pressure Switch
  • Scope mount (1in tube) with windage and elevation adjustments
  • Binocular / Spotting Scope Mount
  • Weaver Mount with dual size mounts (3/8in & 5/8in)
  • Carrying Case
  • One Lithium CR123A Battery
  • All original printed materials

A 18 milliwatt 532 nanometer green laser output makes the ND-3-Bow visible up to three miles away and easy on the eyes in any lighting condition. The human eye is most sensitive to green wavelengths of light, making that frequency spectrum easiest to visually acquire in daylight as well as quickest for the human vision system to adapt to in darkness. Coherent laser light at 532nm is well-suited for night illumination because of reduced eye strain and enhanced subject definition and contrast.

Subzero technology from Laser Genetics was developed to equip first responders and demanding hobbyists with an illumination device capable of operating in freezing conditions without loss of light intensity or power failure. By creating a unique circuitry optimized for subzero temperatures, operators can now enjoy a rock-steady output level and even up to four hours of continuous operation at 0°F.

Another standout feature of ND-3 series laser designators is their patented rotary optical beam collimator, which allows the operator to control the fully multicoated 9-lens light collimating system. Simply by turning the dial at the base of the lens assembly, the beam can be narrowed to 26mm for laser sighting or defocused to 320mm for subject illumination. The combination of output frequency, build quality, and functionality make the ND-3-Bow a full-featured accessory for archers. 

Bow and Scope Mounts

Two included mounting options provide archers with the ability to connect the laser illuminator to a compound bow, crossbow, or any optic with a 1" main tube diameter. Both mounts have 4-hole mounting rings and adjustable windage / elevation.

Subzero Technology

Specifically engineered for operation in temperatures below 40°, Subzero designators use proprietary circuitry to deliver consistent output intensity and maintain adequate battery life even in freezing conditions; a single CR123 battery can provide up to four hours of continuous operation at 0°F.

Green Laser Emitter

Laser emits a 532nm green wavelength that is tuned to the peak sensitivity of the human eye and requires minimal low-light vision adaptation.

Rotary Optical Beam Collimator

A rotating collar at the base of the lens assembly enables the operator to control the collimating lens and adjust the beam diameter to suit their task. When focused, the narrow beam can serve as a laser sight; the broader laser width is well-suited for target illumination.

Durable Construction

The laser housing and mount are machined from lightweight aluminum alloy and anodized for increased corrosion and scratch-resistance. Subzero coldproofing and a nitrogen-filled lens assembly are specially engineered for reliable performance.

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